We love living on the Sunshine Coast and one of our favourite ways to spend time with our kids is to spend our days in Noosa. Noosa is one of those places where you instantly feel like you are on holidays. This is the place where you can be as busy as you want to be. You can go hiking, exploring and swimming. You can shop till you drop, fill your belly with delicious multicultural cuisine and taste some of the best deserts in the world. This is the place where you come to unwind, recharge and relax to the max!

1. Enjoy relaxing on the gorgeous Noosa Main Beach Noosa Main Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the whole of the Sunshine Coast. This beach attracts masses of tourists and locals alike, regardless of season, time of the day or the weather. Yes, it is one of the busiest sandy beaches in the area and you must experience it for yourself! Vietnamese Egg Coffee by Wanderlust Storytellers Things to do in Noosa Although this beach is usually crowded, there are plenty of spaces to find your own place and join in on the sunbathing as well. Noosa Main Beach is sheltered from the winds and the waves are usually quite calm here, allowing you to swim without difficulty. We love chilling out on the warm sand, however, we always try to find a bit of shade along the tree line. That way we can spend more time relaxing, whilst watching our kids playing in the sand right in front of us. As space under the trees is limited, we do suggest that you take along a good quality baby beach tent, as well as all your beach necessities for baby. Our kids also always enjoy the popular local artist to build his sandcastle every day. Noosa Main Beach Sourced from Flickr – by Julien –

2. Enjoy an early morning or late afternoon walk through the Noosa National Park Our kids love going on hikes with us to discover some beautiful new places. Yes, Noosa National Park is one of those places for sure and if you are looking for one of the best Noosa walks, then you got it all here! What to do in Noosa There is around 15km of walking tracks here and all of them are classified as easy or moderate. That makes our kids happy and we don’t have to listen to the typical “Are we there yet?” or “How far is it?” whinges. Noosa Headland Walk The main walk takes you along the ocean side pathway and past many picture-perfect spots, so make sure to have your camera handy! Some of our favourite spots include the Granite Bay, Hell’s Gates, Boiling Pot and the Dolphin Point, where you can spot the dolphins playing around in the distance. Things to do in Noosa with Kids Granite Bay is a perfect spot to veg out and go for a swim away from the crowded Main Beach. Hell’s Gates is a great place to observe the turtles battling the waves that crash against the dramatic and rugged cliffside. Quite a spectacle! –

3. Enjoy the luxuries of boutiques and gorgeous restaurants and cafes in Hastings Street Ahh, Hastings Street. The wonderland of boutiques, amazing hotels and delicious cuisine. Let me advise you here. If you are looking for high end clothing, pricey trinkets or upmarket souvenirs, then you have come to the right place. Noosa Hasting Street Sourced from Flickr – by daisy.images Every time we come to Noosa, Hastings Street makes you feel like you are on holidays. People walk slower here like it’s Sunday every day. It’s the vibe that attracts everyone to this place. It is a happy place and for me brings lots of memories. Although there are high priced beachside resorts everywhere and the boutique shops price tags are high on a scale, the restaurants are kid-friendly and full of delicious and affordable food. Our most favourite restaurant is Bistro C. This restaurant sits right on the beach with spectacular views whilst you enjoy a yummy lunch or a romantic sunset dinner. Can’t wait to go there again! –

4. Enjoy a Cruise on the Noosa River or the Everglades There are two relaxing cruises available in Noosa that we absolutely loved! It just depends if you would like to cruise around in a small group of 5 or together with a larger crowd. The Exclusive Noosa River Dreamboat Cruises takes you on a personalised cruise around the Noosa River system and a bit further, if you please. This one is my top pick for sure! What a truly unique experience it is to head out on a 19 foot mahogany old school power boat with twin open cockpits! Our second favourite cruise is definitely the famous Noosa Everglades BBQ lunch and afternoon cruise option. This is one of the most relaxing cruises that I have ever been on and in comparison to the one above, it is far more affordable when you are travelling with kids. This cruise will take you on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Noosa Everglades. The journey is filled with sightseeing and picture perfect moments. You will witness a variety of environments, such as forested dunes, beautiful beaches, multi-coloured cliffs, majestic headlands and, my favourite, the deep dark crystal clear waters of the narrow river system. Very pretty scenery and a cruise that you simply should not miss out on!

5. Hire a boat and cruise on the Noosa River just with your family Cruising on the Noosa River can only be made better when you drive the boat by yourself and enjoy the day in privacy with your own family. Things to do in Noosa with Kids - O Boat Hire on Noosa River Yes, we hired our boat from the company called O Boat Hire. The whole process was super easy, the stuff was very friendly and we were on our way in no-time. Things to do in Noosa with Kids - O Boat Hire on Noosa River in Noosaville On board, you have tonnes of space so that you and your kids have plenty of room to move around. There is also a Bluetooth connection to the speaker, BBQ and of course the boat comes with a nice shade to protect you from the Queensland sun.

6. Check out the local Noosa Markets Who doesn’t like markets? I love taking our kids to the Noosa Farmers Market. This Sunday market is filled to the brim with yummy things both for the parents and the kids! It is only open from 7am till 12pm, so you have to be there on time or you will miss out. Noosa Markets Noosa Markets are all about organic and fresh local produce. You can stock up on your everyday yummy goodies, or you can enjoy the holiday vibe with a refreshing freshly squeezed juice or a delicious cup of coffee. Mmm… coffee! There are also plenty of stalls with a variety of exotic food, local hand crafted souvenirs and much more!

7. Test out one of the Noosa playgrounds for kids Noosa Playgrounds for Kids In case you need a bit for relaxation and your kids are running on an excessive amount of energy, why not visit one of the playgrounds from our list of the best Noosa playgrounds for kids?